No Fake Science

Frequently Asked Questions

The Collective

How did the No Fake Science collective start?

The initiative to write this Open Editorial and to form a collective happened spontaneously, through social networks, in January 2019. The collective brings together citizens concerned about the way scientific information is treated in the media.

The #NoFakeScience Op-Ed was written by 20 authors who are independent of any political and/or industry pressure.

For more information, please refer to the “About us” page.

Who are its members?

The #NoFakeScience collective is composed of 20 people from different backgrounds and working in various fields, but all of whom are STEM practitioners or have a STEM-related activity (popularizer, information manager, etc.).

You can find their profiles in the “presentation of writers” section.

How can I support the No Fake Science collective?

You can support the collective by signing the #NoFakeScience Op-Ed and sharing it with others, and by sharing the content they publish on their Twitter account and Facebook page.

The Open Editorial

Why was the Op-Ed published in L’Opinion?

The #NoFakeScience Op-Ed entitled “Health, Environment, Research: the scientific method forgotten by the media” was published almost simultaneously in four French-language publications:

Thus, this Op-Ed does not “emanate from L’Opinion”, but from a collective that has proposed to various media to relay it.

What motivated you to choose these examples?

These examples were not chosen randomly. They are topics discussed very regularly in the news, and presented just as often in a way that we believe lacks scientific rigour. They also represent, among others, major ecological and health issues for which ill-informed political decisions can have serious consequences.

They are only examples, intended to illustrate the general message of the Op-Ed, without claiming to be exhaustive. Others could be mentioned concerning gender equality or biodiversity, for example.

But what will hopefully follow from the Op-Ed does not depend solely on its explicit content: it is basically an attempt to kick-start a more general debate about better coverage of scientific news (in a broad sense) in the media.

You’re writing about a science without ideology, isn’t that an illusion?

Ideological bias in science exists, if only because of the choice of subjects to study. On the other hand, when reliable results are repeatedly obtained, it is the duty of all of us to share them, and to try to put aside our biases.

Do you support all the opinions of your signatories?

The opinions of the signatories are independent of the column or of the collective. The collective’s comments are those made explicitly on its behalf. In addition, as we have already mentioned on social media, we dissociate ourselves from accounts which, under the guise of supporting us, insult or harass people who criticise or express reservations about our Op-Ed. Our only wish is to create the start of a healthy and measured dialogue.

We insist that our message is about the treatment of scientific information in the media, and we will focus on this theme alone.

This FAQ will be updated as new questions come up.